PRS Leadership Team

PRS’ Leadership Team is comprised of the senior management for the organization. Its purpose is to provide guidance and input to the President & Chief Executive Officer, share information, provide oversight to all operations of the organization, assess outcomes, develop and implement policies. LT Feb. 2017

Back row from left: Virginia Tischner, Director of Human Resources; Julia Stephens, Director of Quality Management; Joseph Getch, COO; Mary Brown, Senior V.P. & Clinical Director; Tom Schuplin, Director of Special Projects.

Front row from left: Nova Washington, Regional Director of Employment Services; Wendy Gradison, President & CEO; Meredith Hovan, Director of Resource Development.

PRS Board of Directors

As a private nonprofit 501(c)(3), PRS, Inc., is governed by a Board of Directors, which was convened for the first time in 1970 upon incorporation of the organization. The PRS Board of Directors has determined that the following are the priority goals for the organization. Global End: PRS exists so that individuals living with mental illness, substance use disorders, mild intellectual disabilities, autism spectrum disorders, and anyone who faces life crises can achieve safety, personal wellness, recovery and community integration. PRS will efficiently utilize public and private resources to achieve all Board Ends. PRS Results 1.1 Recovery. Individuals with mental illness, substance use disorders, mild intellectual disabilities and/or autism spectrum disorders make and implement informed decisions to overcome challenges, build strengths and focus on recovery. 1.2 Community. Individuals with mental illness, substance use disorders, mild intellectual disabilities and/or autism spectrum disorders participate in activities in their community. 1.3 Wellness. Individuals with mental illness, substance use disorders, mild intellectual disabilities and/or autism spectrum disorders improve and sustain overall wellness. 1.4 Safety. Individuals served that face life crisis will de-escalate, develop an action plan to remain safe, receive an immediate intervention if imminent risk is identified and receive referrals to help stabilize the crisis episode when indicated.

Board of Directors:



Lauren Shields, Board Chair

Vice President, BB&T

I am honored to be serving on the PRS Board. I’m committed to working hard to help support and find ways to expand the important mental health and crisis services that we are currently providing to individuals in our community, as it is through these services that we can help our community grow and thrive.


Robert Wright

Robert “Bobby” Wright, Board Vice Chair

Senior Vice President/Commercial Loan Officer, Fulton Bank

I have known and admired the work of PRS for over 10 years. I am so excited to now serve on the board of directors and provide a personal contribution toward supporting individuals with mental illness.


Danni Leifer, Secretary

Test Engineer, CSRA Inc.

I am honored to be a part of this organization to help bring awareness to the PRS mission.  PRS gives so much to their clients: independent living and working skills, confidence, and hope. mental illness can be just as crippling as physical illness but, often carries a stigma or judgment from others.  As a board member, I am enthusiastic about helping people who have a mental illness to lead productive, empowered lives.


Audrey Goldstein

Audrey Goldstein, Past Board Chair

U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (Retired)

I joined the PRS Board because I have always been interested in the field of mental health and especially community mental health. Being on the board of a community organization, especially my own community, has been very meaningful.


Marilyn Aldrich

Registered Nurse (Retired)

I have been a supporter of PRS for many years.  PRS fills an important niche in our community providing support for those in crisis and those afflicted by mental illness. I joined the Board in order to give back to the community and further PRS’ goals.


L_BarnesLiz Barnes

Policy Analyst, U.S. Department of Defense

As a volunteer for over four years at the PRS CrisisLink Program, I have found that serving our community brings not only satisfaction but also value and purpose to my life. PRS, Inc. is a unique organization with a range of services that provide help in almost every stage of life.  Serving on the Board gives me the opportunity to provide support, guidance, insight, and resources to the entire organization in a meaningful way.  I am honored to be a part of such a creative, driven, focused, and strategic team that provides life saving, life changing, and life enhancing services to those in D.C. and Virginia.

Paul Di Vito

Marketing Consultant

As a long term advocate for mental health I’ve served on a number mental health agency boards. I was especially active and championed CrisisLink for nearly 12 years serving as Board Chair for four terms and as interim ED. Serving on the PRS board would be like returning home. I’m especially interested in the combined organization and helping PRS grow in importance and services provided in the D.C. region.


Donald A. Kniffen, Jr.

Assistant Administrator, Dominion Hospital

An organization such as PRS provides so many critical services to the community. Once I recognized the wonderful focus on recovery, wellness, person centered care, and dignity and respect for every person, it was an easy decision for me to join the Board. I am so pleased to be a part of and support such valuable community program.


Timothy Long

U.S. Government (Retired)

The PRS mission is of critical importance to our area and community. In many instances, those suffering from mental illness are often the forgotten sector of our society. Other special needs programs may not cover them, as they don’t often fit into one specific category. Yet their numbers grow and with it, the increased obligation on us to reach out to this neglected population. Serving on the PRS Board gives me the opportunity to increase and enhance our services to, and the care of, this deserving group of individuals.


Jamie Miller

Senior Director, Freddie Mac

I joined the Board of PRS because I am excited about what the merged organizations – PRS and CrisisLink – can do for mental health in the communities we serve.  Both organizations have a rich history of helping individuals with their needs, whether immediate crises or long-term recovery and employment.  Together, our complementary services will enable us to do even more.


Ellen Pochekailo

Principal/Consultant, Pochekailo Marketing Communications

When I started looking to volunteer on a nonprofit board, someone suggested PRS and my search quickly came to an end. From my first introduction, I was impressed by the impeccable standards of this organization, the dedication and skills of their staff, the quality of their programs, and most importantly, the invaluable impact of their support in the community. Having spent most of my career in healthcare and nonprofits, I see the critical role they play in fulfilling an underserved need, and I’m honored to play a minor part in their major achievements.