Established in 1963, PRS provides skills training and supports so individuals living with mental illness, substance use disorders, mild intellectual disabilities, autism spectrum disorders or any combination of these achieve wellness, recovery and community integration. PRS services are provided throughout northern Virginia and in the District of Columbia.
PRS provides comprehensive and individualized services, including skill training and supports, counseling, interpersonal skills training, vocational assistance, supported education, substance abuse services and housing supports. PRS offers the following services:

  • Recovery Academy Psychosocial Rehabilitation Day Program
  • Employment Services
  • Community Housing
  • Community Support Services
  • PRS CrisisLink Crisis Hotline

We work towards the following outcomes/goals:

  • Clients demonstrate progress on their individualized, person-centered recovery plans objectives.
  • Clients become integrated into their communities through employment, volunteering, return to school or other valued roles of their choosing.
  • Clients receive primary care services regularly.
  • Clients avoid psychiatric hospitalizations.
  • Clients maintain their housing.