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PRS Recovery Academy – Virginia

PRS operates a Recovery Academy at PRS Mt. Vernon and at PRS Tysons. The Mt. Vernon program is located at 8794S Sacramento Drive, Alexandria, Virginia and the Tysons Program is located at 1761 Old Meadow Road, McLean, Virginia. Based on the structure of a community college, the Recovery Academy is designed to: provide targeted psycho-educational curriculum in twelve week blocks; be a normalizing environment so that each client can focus on his recovery goals and identify as a student in recovery; and, most importantly, promote movement out of PRS’ facility-based programming and into meaningful community alternatives such as work, volunteering and school. The course catalog includes over 40 class offerings, such as Anger Management, Anxiety Management, Coping Skills, ESL, Introduction to Recovery, Job Talk, Nutrition, Thinking Skills for Work, Let’s Get Moving, Grief and Loss as it Relates to Mental Illness, Spirituality, Money Management, Reaching Residential Success, Social Skills I & II, Stress Management and Wellness Recovery Action Plan (WRAP). The Recovery Academy is a day program, and clients generally attend between three and five hours a day, three to five days a week.

Have any questions about making a referral to the Recovery Academy? Please contact Kelli Robertson, Intake Coordinator, at 703-531-6334 or for more information.

Please review the Recovery Academy Course Catalog:

Recovery Academy Course Catalog

Co-Occurring Services

PRS provides services to individuals with the co-occurring disorders of mental illness and substance use disorder. Services to these individuals are integrated within the Recovery Academy so that individuals with co-occurring disorders can access all the services they need to achieve their recovery goals. Additionally, PRS provides assessment for co-occurring disorders, individual/group counseling, psycho-education specifically targeted to the needs of these individuals, and training/assistance in locating and using community-based supports, such as Alcoholics Anonymous.