Every day in the United States, 10,000 people turn 65. In Fairfax County, older adults make up approximately 12% of the population. By 2025, the largest age group of individuals will be comprised of older adults (65+), and this trend will continue increasing for the foreseeable future. This is a trend that has never before been experienced by the human population.

While there are many programs that are beginning to compensate for this influx, they are all missing a vital component – emotional and social support.  The CareRing program was created as part of PRS CrisisLink to fill this vital gap in services and help older individuals (60+) maintain their autonomy,  independence, and the ability to successfully age in place for as long as possible.

Older adults value their ability to communicate and connect with others, above all else. CareRing provides consistent emotional and social support, which is shown to be the single largest protective factor in promoting mental and physical health in senior populations.

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Our purpose is to help our clients achieve their own personal goals by encouragement, reminders, and social support. These could include hygiene reminders, medication reminders, emotional support, or just a friendly conversation that provides a sense of interconnectedness to the community.

We are available to call you or your loved ones whenever it’s convenient for you. Our volunteers call at a regular, predetermined time for a friendly, informal chat about:

  • Emotional well-being
  • General well-being
  • Remembering appointments
  • Taking medications
  • Anything else needed

How it Works

Once we receive an application and enrollment form, our CareRing Supervisor will reach out to the applicant and discuss program fit and needs. Our clients choose a convenient time for our volunteers to call. Most clients choose once a day every weekday. Our trained volunteers spend typically 10-15 minutes per client, more or less depending on how much each client needs.

We make three attempts to reach our clients and if there is no answer, we connect with the contacts our clients provide us to ensure everything is ok. For more information, please call 703-516-6769 or email Mary, the CareRing Supervisor at

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How do I sign up?

Please complete an enrollment and return it by fax or mail (details provided on enrollment form).

Click for Enrollment Form

You can also call 703-516-6769 or e-mail the CareRing Supervisor at

Arlington Residents: You will automatically be enrolled in CrisisLink’s CareRing/S.O.S. Plus program. This program is offered in partnership with the Arlington County Sheriff’s Office. You Download a brochure or visit the Sheriff’s web site for details.

Fairfax Residents: Please use this application /  enrollment-form

How much does it cost?

CareRing is a free service provided to the community by PRS CrisisLink.

Available 24/7

We’re available around the clock when you need us. We provide emotional and crisis support and can
connect you to the community resources you need, from energy assistance, to health care, prescription aid, transportation, and other senior services.

You Can Count on Us

PRS CrisisLink has a tradition of excellence and more than 40 years of experience serving our community. We look forward to serving you.

For more information, please email us.