Through a variety of programs, CrisisLink aims to educate, support and
empower youth to make a difference within themselves and our community.


Our YOUth Matter Outreach Presentation is an hour long session geared for teens ages 13-17.
The primary focus is educating youth about their own mental health, the health of their peers
and what to do in a mental health crisis. We provide practical coping skills, resources
for youths to connect with and when it’s important to get help from a trusted adult.


CrisisLink provides free, 24 hour, confidential support to teens in crisis through our hotline.
In addition, we also provide in-person responses to the youth community in the event of
a loss to suicide. To read more about our LOSS Team, click here.


Our YOUth Matter Service Opportunity Workshop is dedicated to educating, collaborating
and preparing youth to speak in their community about mental health concerns,
respond to peers who are struggling and connect themselves and others to resources
in our community to support teens in crisis. Each teen will receive training in the following areas:

  • Public speaking about mental health
  • Education about community resources available to teens
  • How to keep record of their outreach efforts
  • How to measure the success of their outreach efforts

The workshop is offered in groups of 5-10 youths for two sessions.
*Application, interview parental consent are required.


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