Thank you to all who supported and participated in our Suicide Prevention Campaign, #CallTextLive during the month of September. Participants around the country joined in on spreading awareness of suicide prevention by following our calendar of activities and resource tips throughout the month. Take a look at our participants’ Selfie Day photos, and follow our new Instagram account as we continue to share more suicide prevention tips and PRS CrisisLink program highlights!

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PRS’ Suicide Prevention Month Campaign: #CallTextLive


PRS CrisisLink honors Suicide Prevention Month (September) with our #CallTextLive Campaign. #CallTextLive engages the community in discussing suicide and encouraging people to get help.

The campaign includes activities throughout the month for participants (meaning YOU!) to get involved and show your support of suicide prevention. Take a look at our calendar of events below to join us in creating change:  

Why #CallTextLive?


Last year 44,000 people died by suicide, making it our nation’s 10th leading cause of death. Removing the stigma around reaching out and discussing suicide is important to saving lives and creating suicide safer communities. In fact, a simple call or text to a crisis hotline or textline often provides the empathetic, trained voice that someone in crisis needs to reduce his/her pain and provide alternatives and connections to care.

PRS’ CrisisLink program runs our community’s crisis hotline and textline, serving those struggling with life crises. 

How can you get involved?


By participating in PRS’ #CallTextLive campaign during National Suicide Prevention month this September, you are actively supporting PRS’ efforts to save lives and educate the public about suicide prevention and intervention. Together, we can destigmatize the act of contacting a crisis hotline or textline, or even simply discuss mental health issues openly. With your support, we will be able to reach a greater number of at-risk youth and families and provide them with the resources they need to achieve personal safety.

Follow along in our interactive calendar of events (above) to sign up for activities throughout the month of September in support of the campaign. Be sure to share our calendar with your family, friends, and coworkers. The more people that participate, the more lives we can change!


Highlighted events:
  • Buy your #CallTextLive T-Shirt
  • Participate in Selfie Day: On Thursday, September 21, we’ll be sharing “selfie” photos of our community members showing their support of suicide prevention. Supporters will be wearing their #CallTextLive T-shirts or holding a sign or other momento to show their support. You can either post your selfie directly to our social media pages or tag PRS in your post (see social media links below), or e-mail your photo to and we will share them on our pages for you! See selfie photos from last year’s suicide prevention campaign for some inspiration!

Join the PRS teams at the AFSP or NAMI community walks:

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What does PRS do?


PRS provides mental health, crisis intervention and suicide prevention services throughout northern Virginia and Washington, DC. As one of PRS’ core programs, PRS CrisisLink brings immediate help, hope and healing to empower individuals facing serious life challenges, suicidal thoughts, emotional or situational problems. During the 2016 fiscal year, PRS CrisisLink handled over 35,000 crisis calls and 33,000 text messages.



Please contact Lauren Padgett or Meredith Hovan.