Hotline and Textline Crisis Workers:

Volunteer with PRS CrisisLink!


Our volunteers, on and off the hotline and textline, are heroes to PRS CrisisLink and the community. With nearly 120 volunteers answering phones, providing community training, advocating for services, and providing governance, CrisisLink is able to apply 81 cents of every dollar directly to programs — programs that save lives, enliven hope, and build communities.

PRS CrisisLink trains 60-80 crisis workers per year to operate and answer our hotline, textline and CareRing programs. Our Crisis Workers receive 55 hours of initial training, including ASIST certification (Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training). As a dually accredited organization and award-winning volunteer program, we train crisis intervention skills, suicide intervention skills, Information & Referral skills and active listening as the foundation of our program. Each Crisis Worker receives didactic training, on-the job training as well as small group sessions to meet the needs of most learning styles. Every volunteer receives one on one mentoring and guidance to improve skills, process material and successfully integrate all of our Crisis Workers.

Being a volunteer Crisis Worker involves a major commitment. Please read about the hotlinetextline, and CareRing requirements and complete the application you’re interested in on our website.

While the majority of our volunteers are highly trained hotline crisis workers, there is a place for anyone to help within our organization. Take a look at all of our current volunteer opportunities. We also offer:

Volunteer Opportunities for Groups

Volunteer Opportunities for Youth

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Questions? Contact Lauren Padgett, PRS Volunteer Manager of Volunteers & Events, at or call 703-531-6351.


PRS CrisisLink Hotline Worker Volunteer Testimony:


“The phone rings and I take a breath to clear my mind. I must be present; completely there, focused, and supportive with whomever might be on the other end of the phone. Will it be someone having suicidal thoughts? A friend or relative of someone with these thoughts desperate for advice on how to help? It could be an active duty member or veteran struggling with PTSD – or another mental health issue…there have been more and more of those, lately. The school year recently started – perhaps it’s a call from a kid being bullied and feeling academic and social pressures. Or it might be someone at another really vulnerable time – fresh out of a treatment center for substance abuse and needing someone to talk them out of their habit. I pick up the phone, ready for any and all of these scenarios.

“Hello, you’ve reached PRS CrisisLink.”

I’m a stranger who becomes a confidant in the course of a phone call. People call CrisisLink because they feel they can’t go to anyone else about their struggles and doubts. In 5 minutes, 15 minutes, 60 minutes, I try to honor their truths by creating a space of no judgment, compassion and kindness. Aside from what I am told, I don’t know what is happening on the other side of the phone – are they about to hurt themselves? Others? I do my best to assess the seriousness of every situation and address it with the belief that everyone is doing the best they can with what they have, one day at a time.”

– PRS CrisisLink Hotline Volunteer


PRS CrisisLink: An Award-Winning Volunteer Program


PRS CrisisLink volunteers are the winners of the Distinguished County Service Award from Volunteer Arlington for their outstanding service and care to the local community.

“This award is a wonderful recognition of the hours so many volunteers are willing to share with their community, and it’s a privilege to be part of both communities – one that recognizes the work it’s members do and the group of volunteers who share their time with those in need. When we feel helpless due to current events or things happening in our own lives, it’s empowering to know that simply being on the other end of the line for someone in crisis can make all the difference. And the more we can connect with each other during times of struggle, the lighter the load can feel. Thank you to PRS CrisisLink for the opportunity to be a part of something so special and to Arlington County for recognizing the power of people coming together.”

– Catherine, PRS CrisisLink Volunteer

Congratulations to our amazing hotline, textline, and CareRing volunteers for this much-deserved recognition!

Volunteer Arlington Awards - Group Photo